this is not a hotel

Hotel Particulier

Hotel Particulier, in French contexts, is referred to a townhouse or any other building seeing frequent visitors, rather than a place offering accommodation. Located in a former loading dock in Soho Hudson Square, Hotel Particulier is a curated establishment involving the unrestricted use of all artistic disciplines in the shaping of a particular artistic concept. Founded in 2012 by Frederique Thiollet, Hotel Particulier's art and cultural platform provides a space for curated events and art programming, as well as a select communal working space with a think tank/experimental lab for the development of ideas related to culture, art and technologies. Contemporary art editions, objects of affection and other collaborative projects are available in our gallery/curated shop.

Hours: gallery/curated shop tuesday to saturday from 12pm to 7pm

Hours: //gallery/curated shop tuesday to saturday from 12pm to 7pm //communal working space mon to sat from 10am to 7pm by appoint. info 4/6 Grand street New York 10013 Located between Varick and 6th avenue. Tel: + 1-646-329-6341 directions Hours are subject to change. You may contact us to verify our hours when you intend to visit us, in the event of a special private residency. Hotel Particulier is a public/private curated establishment // Not a hotel.